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Portuguese Wines Inc. specializes in importing a variety of wines from various regions of Portugal.

The consumption of wine in Canada is increasing annually, with the growing demand being met in part by the global market; exposing the Canadian wine consumer to many distinct differences in wine production such as “New World” and “Old World” and “Single grape varieties” versus “Blends”.

Portugal, which has been making wine since at least 2000B.C., is becoming an increasingly popular supplier of wine to the Canadian market.  Although predominantly known for their Port wines, Portugal offers a variety of great old world blends as well as single grape varieties from different and distinct regions that offer amazing quality from proven vinification techniques used for centuries by generation after generation of Portuguese winemakers.

Although the wine industry in Portugal has continued to change and develop, it has maintained its independence as far as its own grape varieties and blending are concerned. The grapes are not well known on the world stage but the wineries in all regions, such as the Alentejo, Douro, and Dao, are focused on great quality, which has led to significant recent expansion in wine production in response to soaring global demand.  ...Read More

credits source: Wines of Portugal

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